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What we do

We build solutions and in the process, develop software to support these solutions. Our teams spend alot of time understanding various business processes and the challenges the businesses face.

This makes us very proficient in business process design and re-engineering.

We like to think of ourselves as more than just software developers or data analysts but more as thought partners.

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System interfaces should be simple, inviting and above all, intuitive. Which is why we devote time and skill to design and prototype the system. The UI/UX simply has to be right.

Design doesn't end with systems. The presentation of the concept, the end-user manual, the proposal to the venture capitalist and so much more, must all be visually appealing. We could go on but why not judge us by our works (complete and in the pipe-line) ...


Are you conceptualizing a new system or business process, and need to visualize its end from the beginning? Lets be your thought partner and walk you through the design stage, bring your process to life through prototypes and finally, build the systems to support you.

Our driving principle is Keep it Simple, Get it Done

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We don't just write code; we assess your requirements then build systems tailored to your need. Most needs evolve so we go further to ensure the systems/underlying code is both manageable and scalable.

After years of developing and maintaining systems, we can comfortably say we are proficient in a vast array of programming languages. These include PHP, Java, C#, Ruby, Python and many more.

We strongly believe in sustainable and scalable code development hence have embraced the use of reputable frameworks such as Laravel and technologies such as Vue and Angular.

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If you’re not living a life on the edge you’re taking up too much space! You learn the most when you’re out of your comfort zone!

James W. Whittaker

Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up

Thomas Edison

The true measure of society is not what it knows but what it does with what it knows
Imagination is more important than Knowledge

Albert Einstein

Why we're Different

If it matters to you, It matter to us

We are software specialists but most importantly, we are human. Over the years, we have have learned that great software meets the needs of the people it was designed for. So it's important that we understand what your needs are, learn from you and mould the solution to your needs. We take note of the smallest things because they can make a huge difference and help us build solutions that satisfy your needs.

Our Long Term Commitment

Business processes and user requirements are constantly evolving. We therefore endeavor to build scalable software solutions that will continue to deliver satisfaction to our clients long after the completion of a project. Call on us long after your project went live and we’ll endeavor to accomodate your new ideas into the existing software solution.

Continous Innovation

Advances in technology and social media are transforming the software industry on a daily basis. Effectively delivering to a demanding market is a key challenge we have gladly embraced. We continuously monitor the changes and create or adopt new tools, platforms and technologies that will deliver tangible results to our clients in the shortest time possible.

We Use Data to Guide Our Decisions

We take the saying, “Numbers don’t lie” to a whole new level. Without metrics, it’s impossible to know if your product is actually helping your hit your targets. That’s why we include comprehensive analytics for all our solutions. We love to work with your analysts on an ongoing basis, using data collected by our systems to figure out what’s working well and what can be adjusted.


Credit Analyst

When you’re a bank, and your regulator asks you to change your banking system to supply data you haven’t been collecting, what do you do?

You comply, spend a couple of months, thousands (in some cases, millions) of dollars and change your banking system or you call us to develop a parallel system that gets the job done (faster) for much less.

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Issue Tracker

When you an institution with multiple retail outlets and often lose track of issues raised by your outlets e.g broken plumbing, failing air-conditioning, what do you do?

You develop a (potentially, lengthy manual) process that your staff will adhere to in the logging and resolution of issues, or you call us to install a solution that simplifies the logging, resolution and automatic escalation of issues.

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Pmt System

PMT System

When you install a desktop based system for over 70 of your member institutions, then ask them to use it to collect and send you data, it might seem like a good idea, until you try upgrading the system.

Suddenly, the nightmare of visiting 70+ institutions and ensuring each computer is compliant with the upgrades becomes real.

Alternatively, you could call on us to develop a secure web-based version of the same system, deploy it and then get all institutions to login and use it.

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Currently under development, but we're going mobile to address the needs of small businesses.