PMT System

PMT System

Performance Monitoring Tool

When you install a desktop based system for over 70 of your member institutions, then ask them to use it to collect and send you data, it might seem like a good idea, until you try upgrading the system.

Suddenly, the nightmare of visiting 70+ institutions and ensuring each computer is compliant with the upgrades becomes real.

Alternatively, you could call on us to develop a secure web-based version of the same system, deploy it and then get all institutions to login and use it.



Desktop applications lack some fundamental features such as the ability to tell which of the 70+ institutions has executed given tasks on the system.

With the new online system, such functionality becomes a reality through an administrative dashboard.

User Activity Logging

Activity Logging Interface

We take it a notch further to ensure the administrator can exhaustively audit the activities on the new system.

We are passionate about providing 360 visibility of activities on our systems.

Institution Form Management

Contract Management

We've prioritized the collection and input of data within the new interfaces to not only improve convenience but responsiveness of the new system.

Report Generation

Reports Interface Reports Interface Reports Interface

An array of reports and data mining features are available from which the user may access the report of their choice.

Additional reports may be incorporated upon request.

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"Simplicity is critical, but the ability to respond to a client's changing needs is paramount"