Credit Analyst

When you’re a bank, and your regulator asks you to change your banking system to supply data you haven’t been collecting, what do you do?

You comply, spend a couple of months, thousands (in some cases, millions) of dollars and change your banking system or you call us to develop a parallel system that gets the job done (faster) for much less.



Layout is everything. Credit Analyst offers a simple clean interface to aid with navigation. We have gone further to orient our layout in accordance with the principle documents defined by the regulators.

User Authentication


We are sensitive to the reality that most banks operate multiple systems, so staff have to remember several passwords to get by.

Credit Analyst integrates with the network domain manager to grant you single sign-on access. One less password to remember may not be much, but it sure does make access alot easier.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Years of interaction with our clients has taught us that the customer search is where it all begins. We’ve made this intuitive, easy to access and above all, faster!

Report Generation

Reports Interface

The need to quickly access features specific to a single customer prompted us to introduce this customer’s dashboard.

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"Simplicity is critical, but the ability to respond to a client's changing needs is paramount"